This is our Team!

This website was created by a team of college students passionate about helping other students find the best living arrangements. Our team consists of Dhenner Camatog, Yutong Cheng, and Karl Pascua, who have experienced the challenges and benefits of college life firsthand. By creating this website, our team aims to provide students with the resources and support they need to make the most out of their college experience. We are committed to providing information, as well as a user-friendly platform that can help students find their ideal dorms and residences and even share their experiences so that others may be informed as well.

My name is Dhenner Camatog and I am the web developer and coder behind this project.

With a background in Information Technology and a passion for coding and programming design, I am dedicated to bringing the Face to Face with Space website to life. I am committed to ensuring that the website is easy to use, informative, and meets the needs of our users. Together with Tina and Karl, I am excited to be a part of this project and to help students make informed decisions about their residential choices.

I am Yutong Cheng, the Head of creates and marketing of this project.

As a graphic designer and illustrator since 2011, I bring a wealth of experience and talent to the table. My passion for entrepreneurial ventures has helped to shape the project into a visually stunning and engaging experience for all.

I am Karl Pascua, sound engineer and content editor of this project.

I am a Multimedia Artist believing that art and music are deeply connected mediums that express emotions, tell stories, and foster human connections. I am passionate about using my creativity to show the world and see art and music as vital components that connect us to our emotions and to each other.