Mission & Vision

Our Mission is to provide a user-friendly platform that aims to promote student residential satisfaction by providing relevant information and resources that empower students to make informed decisions about their residential needs.

We aim to share information on student residential satisfaction (SRS) and its impact on student success while fostering a sense of community and advocacy for student well-being.

We aim to promote best practices that will enhance the student residential experience and ultimately improve the quality of student life.

Our Vision is to be the go-to online resource for all things related to Student Residential Satisfaction. We strive to foster a culture of transparency and collaboration among students, housing administrators, and researchers.

Our goal is to inspire and empower universities and student housing providers to continuously improve their services and facilities to better meet the needs and expectations of their students.

We envision a future where every student can feel safe, supported, and satisfied with their residential experience, leading to better academic performance and overall well-being.